Pack 151 Plymouth, MA 

Cub Scout Pack 151 Plymouth, Ma

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                     THE MURPHY CUP


What is the Murphy Cup?

Each July, the pack hosts a mini-golf tournament the entire family can participate in.

While the entire family can play, The Murpy Cup is the highly sought prize of all the participating Cub Scouts.  The winner of the competition has the Cup passed to them by the previous holder.  They are then given the opportunity to fill it with water and "annoint" Mr. Murphy with the full cupfull, in front of the pack.  The Cup is then held by that winner for display until another min-golf champion earns the cup, the following year.


2016 Carter McNamara

2015 Austin Finneran

2014 Austin Finneran

2013 Austin Finneran

2012 Aaron Collini